Five Stage Residential Reverse Osmosis System


Hydro Pro 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis features:

  • Fifty gallons per day
  • Produces pure water fast
  • 5-stages of treatment:

STAGE 1 – 5 micron sediment pre-filtration for mechanical reduction of rust and particulate, and provides membrane protection.

STAGE 2 – granular activated carbon pretreatment filter.

STAGE 3 – activated carbon block for reduction of tastes, odors, chlorine, and organic impurities

STAGE 4 – thin film composite Reverse Osmosis Membrane for reduction of dissolved solids, including the range of toxic heavy metals, plus Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts.

STAGE 5 – activated inline carbon post-filtration for final polishing of off-tastes and odors.

  • Maintenance needs are simple! Filters recommended to be changed once a year.