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Why Treat Water?

Have you ever noticed that your water has an unpleasant odor or taste? Do you get stains in your sink or tub for seemingly no reason? Is your skin dry and flaky after you shower? If you have any of these issues, then you could benefit from water softeners and a water treatment system. Water softening, whole home filtration, and reverse osmosis will all improve your water quality and eliminate these problems.

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Benefits of Water Softners:

Skin and Hair

Soft water is gentle on your skin and hair, and provides enrichment and beautification. Your skin will feel softer and more silky, and your hair will be easier to manage. When water is too hard, soap does not lather as it should, which makes it harder to rinse off. You can end up with a film on your skin and hair that dirt and bacteria will stick to and block your pores. You will find that your skin is itchy and prone to being chapped. Having soft water means that you can use less soap, rely less on skin care products, and make what you do use more efficient. 


Hard water is terrible for doing laundry. The detergents do not absorb the water properly, and you can end up with a film on your clothing that will in fact keep soil on the fabric. The color on your clothes will look washed out and dulled, and the fabric will be stiff. Not only that, but your clothes will deteriorate faster. Soft water is better at activating the detergent that works effectively, and keeps your clothes clean and the colors bright. Detergent will rinse away properly, and the dirt and bacteria can be flushed away. When your laundry is finished, the fabric will look and feel fresher and softer. 


Have you ever noticed spots on your glassware? That is often a sign of hard water. The minerals in the hard water can cause a film on your dishes that dulls their shine. A water softener will prevent those spots and make your dishes sparkle. Not only that, but it can cut in half the amount of detergent you need to use for each load. 

Around the House

Everyone wants to spend less time cleaning around the house. With hard water, you can scrub and scrub, and you still won’t be able to get rid of some stains and scum. With soft water, your cleaning products will work better and faster. You can cut your time almost in half since you won’t have to keep scrubbing the same spot over and over again. Your windows, floors, and counters will shine like you didn’t realize they still could. 


Hard water isn’t just bad for your home and belongings, it can wreak havoc on your plumbing system as well. A hard scaly substance can build up in your pipes, in your appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine, and your water heater. It causes the materials to degrade and wear down, and your water heater system will be less efficient. Clear Choice has the best water softeners that will improve your plumbing system and allow your water heater to use less energy. 

With Clear Choice Water Softeners, You Will Enjoy the Best Quality Water in San Antonio, Texas.