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You might not realize it, but hard water can cause a lot of problems for your plumbing system. The harder your water is, the less effective it will be at dissolving detergents, which can lead to clogs and blockages. Without being able to dissolve, magnesium and calcium will build up in the pipes. Water softeners will help solve this problem by eliminating ions and other minerals that cause hard water to form in the first place. 

Hard water is not only bad for your pipes, but it’s also bad for your water heater. Lime deposits can build up, and this can prevent your water heater from working as efficiently as it can. That means that your energy bills will skyrocket since it will take longer for your water heater to get the water to the level you want it to be. 

These blockages can also be bad for your household appliances that function with water, like your washing machine. Blockages will impede the water flow, creating issues and possibly damaging your appliances, leading to repair or even replacement costs. Installing a water softening system such as iron H2S filters, you can extend the life of those appliances and make sure that they are working at their most efficient. 

Talk to us about a free consultation to determine your best water softening options. We can provide reverse osmosis systems, or whatever your home and plumbing needs to to provide softer water to protect your pipes and your home. 

Reverse Osmosis systems: Reverse osmosis systems work by pressuring water through filtering membranes that remove contaminants and other substances from your water that might be causing problems. This will make your drinking water cleaner for drinking and cooking, and remove blockages. Unlike the process of osmosis that occurs in plants and nature, reverse osmosis requires outside pressure to work. It pressurizes water through a membrane that only allows clean, softer water to get through. 

Iron H2S Filters: H2S stands for hydrogen sulfide, which is commonly found in plumbing systems in areas with high manganese and iron levels. If you have found that your water smells like rotten eggs, then you may have a buildup of H2S that you need to have filtered out of your system. We can help with that with cartridge filters that will effectively remove Iron H2S and manganese. 

Whole Home Filter: We can install a whole home filter on your main water line to soften and clean the water for the entire buildings. This means that every tap, showernhead, and appliance will have filtered water. They are also known as point of entry filters, and only allow clean and soft water to enter your plumbing system. A whole home filter is a comprehensive solution that can deal with any contamination issue you might be having with your water, including contaminants and hard water. 

Call today (210) 860-0882 for a consultation and assessment so we can install the right water softener solution for your home.