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You might have hard water and not even realize it. If you’ve noticed that your glasses come out of the dishwasher with water spots, or if there is a crust around your drains, then your water might be hard. Many people also suffer from irritated or dry skin after they shower. There are different types of issues that can cause hard water. Talk to us to determine what your area’s water problems might be. We will also recommend the best types of  San Antonio water softeners to solve your issues. 

San Antonio Water Softeners

There are many types of water softeners to help take care of your hard water problems. San Antonio water softeners will help your skin feel softer, your hair feel healthier, and your dishes get cleaner. Softer water will also help your appliances function more efficiently and lower your utility bills. When it’s time to purchase a water softener, make sure you talk to the experts for help and guidance to choose the right one. We offer the best-performing brands, including some discount water softeners for those on a budget that will get the job done. 


Water Softeners

Pro H2O Matrix Single Tank High-Flow Softener

Pro H2O Alternating Twin Tank Softener


Reverse Osmosis Systems

Hydro Pro 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

Iron and H2S Filters

Iron/Sulphur Breaker III System

High Efficiency Softeners: A high-efficiency water softener will give you the softer water that you need while also improving the efficiency of your plumbing system and appliances. They come with sensors and meters to adjust the softener to the current conditions of your water. This means that they only function when they are needed, and you can customize how soft your water is at any time. 

Pro H2O Single Tank High-Flow Softener: This high-flow San Antonio water softener will provide you with softening that is appropriate for the type of plumbing that you have. A high-flow water softener works in plumbing systems with high flow rates so that the flow you get from your water system is not inhibited or reduced when the softener is installed. 

Pro H2O Alternating Twin Tank Softener: Twin tank San Antonio water softeners make sure that the flow of soft water is never disrupted. With two tanks, one can always be working while the other one waits on standby. When the active one runs out of resin to properly filter, the other one will activate. The worn out one is then able to regenerate. 

Hydro Pro 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System: Much like the name would suggest, a reverse osmosis system does the opposite of what osmosis does. As opposed to absorbing minerals and substances, reverse osmosis involves pressuring water through a filtering membrane to remove contaminants and other minerals that are affecting the quality of the water. 

Hand Water Treatment: Sometimes you might need water softening solutions outside of the home or on a small-scale. A hand water treatment product can be taken along camping, or out for a picnic. It helps purify and soften water to make it safe to drink or to wash dishes with whatever water you can find. 

Iron and H2S Filters: Iron H2S filters will help you get rid of a sulfur or rotten eggs smell that is coming from your water as a result of a buildup of iron or manganese.

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