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Water Softeners in Adkins

The Clear Choice team provides premium water treatment solutions in Adkins. Our licensed experts are ready to assist you in the water softening process. Our team strives to always put our customers first; we work hard to provide the best customer service possible. We are backed by years of experience, making even the most daunting of projects look easy! 


How does the process work?

You can thank the process of ion exchange for soft water capability. The process removes the calcium and magnesium from the water. Once the treatment system has been installed, the water enters a tank filled with resin beads. The beads attract the calcium and magnesium, removing them from the water thus changing its quality from hard to soft. After the water has been filtered out, it then runs out of faucets.


Are You Ready For Better Water Quality?

Water softening treatment often leads to a plethora of benefits. Many of these benefits go unnoticed by homeowners until after the treatment has been completed. Say goodbye to cosmetic issues from hard water like build-up on shower heads and soap scum on bathtubs and showers. Softening your water can even lead to increased life of some of your home appliances. 

In addition to cosmetic issues, hard water can also cause damage to your plumbing. Much like shower heads, hard water can and will cause a buildup of scale in your pipes causing slowed water pressure. By reducing the harshness of your water, you can prolong the length of use of your pipes. Additionally, you can expect increased water flow and pressure due to the removal of minerals in pipes. 

If hard water can cause issues for your pipes, think about the wear and tear on your appliances. In-home appliances such as hot water heaters and washers are among some of the major appliances that fall victim to hard water-related issues. Scale and lime build-up often occur when using hard water through these appliances. Minerals from hard water begin to stick to washing machines, almost guaranteeing the need for costly repairs. 

Switching to soft water can help reduce the risk of needing repairs or shelling out hundreds of dollars on fixing pipes and/or appliances. On a smaller scale, hard water can also cause damage to small appliances such as coffee makers and humidifiers. Mineral build-up can affect the effectiveness of these types of household items and those similar to them. 

Effects of Soft Water On Your Body

Both hard and soft water have effects on your body. The reward of using soft water has lasting implications on your skin and hair. If you are prone to itchy skin or dry hair, hard water can’t be ruled out as a leading cause of your issues. 

Using soft water means your skin will be, and appear, healthier than if you use hard water. Minerals in hard water cause skin to dry out and can leave you itchy and uncomfortable. Research has come to discover hard water can cause skin conditions such as eczema. Those who use hard water are more likely to develop the condition due to the minerals in the water.

Both magnesium and calcium are known to cause damage to hair. The two can cause hair to become brittle resulting in easy breakage. Furthermore, studies have shown hard water usage can lead to a decrease in hair thickness as well. 


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It’s Time To Make
The Switch

Now that you know all the facts, it’s pretty clear hard water negatively impacts everything it touches. On the other hand, soft water has been proven to have more positive impacts. From improvements in your house to enhancements to your skin and hair, soft water is the clear winner when it comes to the debate between hard and soft water. Are you ready to make the switch? Call Clear Choice today for more information on how to schedule your water softening appointment!

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